As a design build construction management firm, DEV INC implements a one stop shop approach which allows us to work side by side with our clients – to take their vision from concept to delivery.


  • Design changes are under our control – because we understand how design equates to construction cost we take the value engineering process to a different level thus avoiding “cost creep” to the client
  • We manage from A to Z – we can design, build and deliver more precisely to the client’s needs and schedule
  • Personal touch with an immediate response – the client has a direct line to the President of our company who drives 100% of our projects to ensure the client’s needs are met so “one call addresses it all”


DEV INC provides ARCHITECTURAL services from concept drawings to 100% complete plans and specs. We are able to provide architectural services independent of construction if the client so desires.

With over 60 years of experience within the A-E industry, our architectural staff possesses a diverse portfolio of project experience including international buildings and award-winning national spaces.

Our design perspective starts with COLLABORATION AND COHESIVENESS with the client – while we bring a high level of professional expertise we infuse that with the knowledge of what’s behind the client’s vision which is the heart and soul of the project Furniture


DEV INC provides GENERAL CONTRACTING and CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT services that allow us to deliver projects on time, within budget and with quality built in the first time.

As the builder, the client entrusts in us to build their vision into reality – we showcase our ability to manage the “nuts and bolts” by collaborating with the design team early in the process and recognizing that COMMUNICATION is at the core of a smooth running project.

DEV INC believes in managing projects not people so we respect the professional expertise of our peers thus fostering an environment of teamwork on every project.

We maintain excellent relationships with our subcontractors and vendors which allows us a solid foundation to competitively bid any work. Our subcontractors are competent and qualified with a proven track record of success. DEV INC welcomes the opportunity to work with all firms including small, minority and or women-owned firms.

Our online plan room further assists in a seamless process using the latest technology to effectively communicate with our subcontractors and vendors.


It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. DEV INC respects this sentiment wholeheartedly when it comes to delivering INTERIOR DESIGN services for our projects. The consultative approach that we believe in is further complimented by our personal touch with every client on every project.

At DEV INC, we understand that the interior design of a space is PERSONAL – clients will only believe that we can deliver their project if they trust that we “get them” so we make sure we provide that proof by designing their space so that it speaks immediately to who they are and what they represent.


DEV INC looks forward at the opportunity to collaborate with our clients to deliver full furniture and equipment packages (FFE) for their projects.

We use the top FURNITURE vendors in the business but we also have relationships with local craftsmen that offer very unique and custom designed pieces to create one of a kind spaces.